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UN Warns against Rising Anti-Muslim Prejudices in Belgium

The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) has warned against rising cases of anti-Muslim prejudice in Belgium.

The committee has issued a report, criticizing the Belgian government (for its failure to take the proper actions), website reported.

It called for the establishment of a national organization for defending human rights in the European country.

The report said demonstrations against Muslims and Jews, the ban on Islamic headscarf, police violence against religious and ethnic minorities and deporting of minorities from Belgium are among the cases that point to the existence of racial prejudices in the country.

A number of international human rights organizations have praised the committee for issuing the report and called for an investigation into human rights violations in Belgium.

A 2008 estimation shows that some 650,000 Muslims live in Belgium, making up around 6 percent of the population.
Source: ABNA