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Danish slaughter ban unites Jews and Muslims

 Representatives from Denmark's Muslim and Jewish communities spoke to the country's food minister on Saturday about new slaughter laws that are contrary to their religious practices.

Earlier this week, Denmark passed a new law forbidding the animal slaughter of live or non-anesthetized animals, angering Muslims and Jews in Denmark because of their religious dietary practices.

The representatives voiced their concerns to Danish Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Dan Jorgensen, saying the government never consulted the two religious communities about the bill. They also emphasized that they will have to import meat if halal and kosher meat production is banned in Denmark.

A Muslim organization presented some 20,000 signatures of against the introduction of the law they garnered.

The draft law was first proposed in Denmark after a 2012 mandate that legalizes slaughter according to religious practices. Then-Danish food minister, Karen Haekkerup, became Justice Minister in 2013 and introduced the draft law, which Jorgensen continued to work on.
Source: ABNA