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Malaysia: Meat resembling pork found at mosque entrance

The assistant imam of the Cherok Tok Kun Atas Mosque in Machang Bubok here spotted what looked like pork at the entrance of the house of worship on Sunday, according to the police.

Saad Arop, 78, found the meat, as large as the size of two adult palms placed together, when he was about to enter the mosque for the dawn prayers, said Penang CID chief SAC Mazlan Kesah.

The assistant imam lodged a police report after he became suspicious that the meat could be pork, he added.

"We will send a sample to the Veterinary Services Department for verification," he told reporters at the mosque.

He said police did not rule out the possibility that the meat was hurled into the mosque, as the house of worship was located next to the road.

Mazlan advised people who had information on the incident to contact any police station.

He also appealed for calm and advised against making any kind of speculation or inciting tension.

"Let the police investigate. We will take firm action," he said.

Meanwhile, Bukit Mertajam Umno Division chief Datuk Musa Sheikh Fadzir, when approached at an event here, condemned what he described as an irresponsible act.

"We hope that the police will take firm action against the culprit," he said.
Source: ABNA