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Rise of Islamic Schools in India

Ashraf Ali Khan is the Director of one of the growing number of Islamic schools seeing a developing trend in the city of Bangalore, India.
Muslim children, he says, go to schools mostly run by non-Muslims, and are detached from the religion as a result.
"What they learn there, are concepts which are totally alien to Islam, and to top that, there is a dangerous tendency towards atheism witnessed among many in the younger generation," he declares.
And according to Khan, it is to combat these 'alien concepts,' and to inculcate Islamic studies vis–à–vis secular education among them that he started his experimental school.
The idea of an Islamic school, says Khan, lies in what is being taught there. While most schools who call themselves Islamic, restrict the religious part of instructions to general information on the belief system or to rote learn few chapters from the Quran, he says that Al-Burooj, is a class apart.
"We want to include everything that a madrasa teaches as part of its curriculum, along with general subjects taught in regular schools," the intention, he clarifies, is to make an Aalim (one who furnishes knowledge of every area of the Islamic field) out of every child who steps out of Al-Burooj.
Source: Two Circles