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German Archeological Visits the Museum of the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine in Karbala

A German archeological delegation visited the museum of the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine in order to be familiar with the antiquities and how they are protected.

Dr. Mekriti –from the German Institute of Archeology said, "My visit to Karbala comes to reconstruct the relationship with the Holy Shrines in Karbala. I used to work in Iraq more than 30 years ago and I was not able to contact any Holy Shrines, but now I am able to freely attend Karbala as we came in terms of establishing firm means of cooperation."

She also mentioned working in Iraq previously because she loves the Iraqi antiquities. Mr. Ansent Hindkuf said, "I am glad to visit Karbala to which I have been attracted. I also worked for 7 years since 1981, and I used to visit Karbala at that time." 

Source: ABNA