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Vienna Exhibition Features Scientific Miracle of Quran and Sunnah

An exhibition was held last week in the Austrian capital of Vienna featuring the scientific miracles of the Quran and the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

The exhibition was mounted by the Islamic Center of Austria in cooperation with the Commission on the Scientific Signs in the Quran and the Sunnah, Al-Ahram daily reported.

There were posters presented in the expo showcasing the miracles of the Quran and Sunnah in different scientific fields such as chemistry, mathematics, geology and physics.

It also depicted the scientific signs found in Surahs like Nahl, Muminun, Qashiya, Tin and Dukhan.

During the three-day event, several Quran scholars delivered speeches on the miracles of the Quran and Sunnah.

The expo was organized with the aim of introducing the scientific miracles of Quran and Sunnah and promoting Islamic messages.

Source: AL-Ahram