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British Muslims Walk for Gaza

Thousands of British Muslims and non-Muslims answered the call of a British-based international relief and development NGO to walk for Gaza, demonstrating their support to the Palestinian cause and raising funds to help the war-stricken strip.

“Saving Gaza children is essentially saving Gaza,” one of Walk for Gaza’s organizers said.

Wrapped up warm with maps and refreshments, thousands of British people will take on the 5 miles of chilly terrain to raise funds for the children of Gaza on Saturday, January 25.

The Winter Walk for Gaza, held for the sixth year, has been organized by Muslim Hands in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Leicester to finance its charitable programs in eastern Gaza.

Focused on bringing relief to the children of Gaza, the organization has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout the past years, determined to make a difference in the lives of Palestine’s forgotten children.

Offering a helping hand to Gaza children, isolated by Israel and mostly ignored by the international community for a lack of media coverage, Muslim Hands project represent a crucial lifeline for Gaza community.

Last year hundreds of Winter Walkers braved the freezing temperatures at London's Hyde Park and Manchester's Heaton Park and raised a staggering £117,000 to help Gaza's children.

With Winter Walks taking place in Birmingham, Manchester and Leicester in the next few weeks, the Muslim NGO said they were hoping to raise a lot more, making it possible for Gaza's children to receive psycho-social care and medical check-ups in a part of the world where there is not enough help available.

To achieve its aims, Muslim Hands chose to focus its efforts on bringing to the region medical relief by rehabilitating East Gaza only children hospital, Al Durrah Hospital.

Dr Ahmad Shatat, Al Durrah Deputy Head Department, explained in a video published on YouTube in 2013 how Muslim Hands has enabled children to rise above the physical and psychological trauma of war.

In 2013, Gaza Health Ministry hailed Muslim Hands’ efforts in providing medical care for Gaza children and their families, noting, “We would like to thank Muslim Hands staff and donors for their efforts in the development of Al-Durrah hospital which will have a positive impact on the patients and the doctors alike.”