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Montenegro Bosniaks Wish to See Muslim Symbols on Flag

Suljo Mustafic, the deputy prime minister of Montenegro and leader of the country’s Bosniak Party, has called for Montenegro to include symbols representing its native Bosniak Muslim community in its national flag.

“Adherents of Islam are indigenous inhabitants here, they have been for centuries, and they built Montenegro. They are part of Montenegrin social reality and are seeking to express it through the symbols of our country,” he told state broadcaster RTCG.

Those who refer to themselves a Bosniaks, a term implying both ethnic and religious Muslim identity, comprise of 8.5% of Montenegro’s population, while those who identify themselves only as Muslim make up another 3.5%.

The Montenegro government has not made a response to the demands, but the Bosniak party did clarify that it did not take offense to Christian symbols on the flag.

Source: ABNA