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Calligraphy Exhibition on Unity Week Planned in Moscow

On the occasion of Islamic Unity Week, an exhibition of calligraphy and illumination will be held on January 14 in Moscow.

According to IQNA’s branch in Europe, the State Library of Moscow, formally known as Lenin Library, will host the exhibition to be organized on the occasion of birth anniversary of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).
Some 40 artworks including tableaus of calligraphy and illumination by Ghaffar Qanbarpur and Rahim Charkhi, two Iranian artists will be put on display at the exhibition for 5 days.
On the sidelines of the exhibition, educational workshops will also be held by the artists for those interested in calligraphy and illumination.
The Islamic Unity Week is marked between 12-17th Rabiul Awwal on the occasion of the Birth Anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
This period in which Muslims ponder on the fundamental call of unity according to the Holy Quran was initiated by the founder of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini (SA), following the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979.
Since its inception, the Islamic Unity Week has been marked annually, not only in Iran, but also throughout the world, and has played an important role in bringing the various Islamic Schools of Thought on a single platform.
Source: IQNA