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Campaign Aims To Find the Seven Wonders of the Islamic World

From the Grand Mosque in Mecca to the Alhambra in Spain and the Imam mosque of Isfahan, Iran, the Muslim world boasts exquisite architecture reflecting the culture, message and history of Islam.
A campaign is now aiming to find the most stunning examples – the seven wonders of the Islamic world.
Public online voting and expert opinion will be used to narrow down a list of the most popular monuments and symbols representing Muslim heritage worldwide.
The Swiss-based New7Wonders Foundation hopes the initiative, which is still “on the drawing board” will spark discussion from Abu Dhabi to Africa.
“I always felt, even when you look politically, that for a long time the Islamic World, the Arab World, were not talking in one voice,” said Bernard Weber, the foundation’s founder and president.
“And I do not mean that they should be always talking in one voice because I also learnt and understand that the Arab world, the Islamic world, is very diverse.
“But it is always good to find consensus on certain things. It is a great opportunity to make an exercise of consensus for a positive thing of pride.”
The foundation has run several campaigns that attracted wide-scale media attention and online public participation.
Source: The National