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6 Palestinian Brothers Memorize Quran in 2 Months

According to Ma’an news agency, all of them memorized the Holy Book separately at the age of 10 and it took them just two months to learn it by heart.

Suleiman, 19, Ibrahim and Abir 18, Harun 16, Issa 14 and Moussa 13, have become memorizers of the Quran due to their parents’ special attention to their children’s Quranic education.

Issam Yusuf, the family’s father, thanks God for his sons’ achievement and says he sent his children to Quran memorization centers because of his love for the Quran.

The six Palestinian brothers plan to memorize the Hadiths of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) as well.

They also wish to represent their country, Palestine, in international Holy Quran memorization competitions.

Source: ABNA