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Annual Meeting of Strasburg Great Mosque Planned

According to mosquee-strasbourg website, “Religious Speech: Realities and Perspectives” will be the theme of this year’s three-day meeting.
The program will be attended by eminent figures from different parts of the world, particularly European countries.
The participants will discuss social and cultural aspects of religious speeches as well as the influence of such speeches in the society.
Papers will be presented at the program investigating the methods of introducing religious teachings through speeches in schools, mosques and cultural centers.
Preventing the youth from attending sessions where extremist preachers introduce a wrong picture of Islam will also be among the issues to be discussed at the meeting.
Officials of the mosque have invited all French people, both Muslims and non-Muslims, to participate at the program and exchange their experiences.
The Strasbourg Mosque ("Great Mosque of Strasbourg") in the Heyritz area, south of the Ile de Strasbourg, was inaugurated in September 2012.
It is frequented by Muslims of North-African, mainly Moroccan origin. It hosts many conferences and seminars and has an extensive teaching programme for school-aged children.
Source: IQNA