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Sri Lanka: Moratuwa university bans face veil

The Vice Chancellor of the university, Prof. A.K.W. Jayawardane told the Colombo Gazette that two Muslim girls had made a request to be allowed to wear the face veil, which covers the face except the eyes.

However he said the students were informed that the face veil cannot be worn as there are concerns unknown elements may enter the university with their faces covered and that could raise a security issue.

Professor Jayawardane said that the regulations against wearing the face veil is part of the system in place at the Moratuwa university and was decided following discussions held between the university administration.

He said that Muslim students are permitted to cover their heads and other parts of the body but not their face.

He claimed that the two students who had made the request to wear the face veil had accepted the decision conveyed to them by the university administration.

Professor Jayawardane claimed that some groups were attempting to create negative publicity out the decision taken by the university.

Some local rights groups and activists had raised objections to the decision saying it violates the rights the students have to follow their religious beliefs and customs.

Source: ABNA