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Husseini Online Library Launched in Washington

An online library titled “Husseini Library” was launched in the first ten days of Muharram by the Islamic Center of Washington.

The library includes various books on the Seerah and life of Imam Hussein (AS) and the Karbala incident.

The influences and miracles of the blessed soil of Imam Hussein’s (AS) grave, the last companion and the first pilgrim of the Imam (AS), what happened in Karbala and the Imam’s (AS) household after the Ashura incident are some of the themes of the books presented in the library.

There is also a collection of Islamic books in English available on the library at http://ketaab.iec-md.org/ketaabkhaaneh_hosseini.html .

The website has also introduced some other online libraries of Islamic studies as well as eminent Muslim experts and intellectuals.