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Pakistan: Social Media including Facebook, Twitter to be checked over Shia-Sunni hatred fanning

After continuous fanning of hatred online ane offline after sectarian conflict in Rawalpindi, Federal government has decided to take action against spreading hatred on Social Media.

Trends over Sunni and Shia conflicts have been ruling social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus and others after the incident on 10th of Muharram.

The government has directed Interior Ministry and Information Technology Ministry to form a strategy to stop spreading such things on Social Media.

Highly sensitive issues with extreme biased approach are under discussion from both the sects attacking each in a sarcastic way as well inciting for violence.

Specially generated content from both the Shia and Sunni groups have been spread in major social media networks since Friday incident, leaving at least 10 dead and several dozens injured.

Source: ABNA