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Martyr Motahari Conference hold in London

Islamic Student Association of London with collaboration of the Islamic Centre of England and Shahid Motahari Institute carry out Shahid Motahari Conference on 17th November at Kanoon Towhid in London.

Shahid Morteza Motahari was born in Iran on February 1919. At the age of 12, he joined the conventional Islamic School at Mashhad and pursued his studies there for five years. Then he proceeded to Qum, the famous Educational Centre of Shi'ah Muslims. He stayed there for fifteen years and completed his education under the supervision of Allamah Tabatabai, Imam Khomeini and many other distinguished scholars. He wrote extensively against the baneful effects of communism. He also wrote on exegesis, philosophy, ethics, sociology, history and many other subjects. He left over sixty books that have been published in Persian, Arabic, Turkish, Urdu, Spanish, English, German and many other languages.

In 1952, he established a council of university students in Tehran and, in 1955, began teaching philosophy and theology at the University of Tehran at the doctorate level continuing until 1978. Motahari is considered among the important influences on the ideologies of the Islamic Republic. The activities of this scholar were intolerable for the followers of the atheistic schools and the eventually assassinated this eminent scholar on May 1, 1979.
Over a million of Muslims escorted his funeral. He was laid to rest in Qum in the precincts of the Holy Shrine of Ma'suma. 

In his condolence message, Imam Khomeini said: "In him I have lost a dear son. I am mourning the death of one who was the fruition of my life."

Sheikh Bahmanpour, Former head of the Islamic College, Prof Paya, university lecturer and a former student of Shahid Motahari and Dr Hassan Al-Sadr, Representative of Shahid Sadr office in UK were the speakers of the conference and discussed The Personal Renaissance, The Philosophical Renaissance and The socio-political Renaissance caused by Shahid Motahari.
Source: kanoon Tohid