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UK: Boy finds name of 'Allah' on last Crunchie chocolate biscuit in the packet

A schoolboy was stunned to find the word 'Allah' on the last chocolate biscuit in the packet.

Little Imran Abdur-Rahman, seven, spotted the Arabic letters in his Cadbury's Crunchie biscuit he was about to scoff.

Dad Mohammed, 36, who took the picture, told the Manchester Evening News: “He recognised it straight away and came running to me.

"I looked at it and I was surprised to see that was exactly what it was.

"Imran is not very patient and when he'd shown it to me he said 'dad, give it back now. I want to eat it.'

“It all happened quite quickly, I was not thinking at all, but I did manage to hold on to it for a while.”

Amazingly, this isn’t the first time the family has received a mysterious message from God.

In 1997 dad Mohammad found ‘Allah’ inside a tomato while working at his brother’s takeaway in Bolton.

But the dad-of-four, who lives in Chadderton, Greater Manchester, has modestly shrugged off his discoveries.

“These things happen now and then,” the human resource manager said.

The latest discovery is one of a series of mysterious markings found on fruit, vegetables and even fish, which appear to resemble religious calligraphy.

In 2006 a pet shop owner in Rossendale, Lancashire, claimed to have spotted the Arabic script on the body of a tropical fish.

And in 2011 a Scottish woman found ‘Allah’ in a potato while peeling spuds to make samosas.

Commenting on the discoveries, Mohammed added: “It’s very interesting.

“When I worked in my brother’s takeaway we sliced open a tomato and there it was, as clear as daylight. We kept it for a while and people came to have a look at it and touch it.

A spokesman for confectionery giant Cadbury’s did not want to comment on the discovery.

Source: Mirror UK