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Top Papers of Velayat Int’l Forum Awarded

Gholamreza Farrokhimanesh and Jasem Musapur from Ahvaz, Mohammad Edris from Pakistan and Amin Mo’menzadeh Shushtari from Ahvaz were the first to the fourth-rank winners respectively.
Mohammadreza Pakbaz from Iran, Zahra Sheikhvand from the holy city of Qom, Seyyed Asef Kazemi from Afghanistan, Ahmad Savari and Mojtaba Abutorabi from Iran and Nabil Al-Ya’qubi from Iraq respectively won the fifth to the tenth ranks at the competition.
The awards for the rest of top papers, ranked 11 to 18, were gifted to participants from various cities of Iran.
The 70-year-old Seyyed Musa Beladiyan and Mohsen Baledi, aged 13, were also honored as the oldest and the youngest participants at the essay-writing competition.
Source: IKNA