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"Islamic Geometric Design book published in UK

Following the successful release of his first book, “Islamic Geometric Patterns,” Eric Broug has published his second book, “Islamic Geometric Design,” which includes more than 800 illustrations. “Islamic Geometric Design,” like “Islamic Geometric Patterns,” contains illustrations of mosques, Islamic schools, palaces and tombs throughout the Muslim world, from North Africa to Iran and Uzbekistan from the eighth to the nineteenth centuries. Broug is originally from the Netherlands and currently resides in the city of Halifax, United Kingdom. He discovered his passion for geometric patterns in Islamic art and architecture in the late 1980s, when he was studying international relations and Middle Eastern politics in Amsterdam. “‘Islamic Geometric Design,’ is the first full-colour book on this subject, and for the first time, I have explained these designs according to their physical and historical characteristics,” Broug said.“This book is for the general reader, but I'm really interested that it be used in the education system,” he added. Broug’s has held several workshops in the UK on Islamic geometric art and he will hold another workshop next May. Broug enjoys nothing more than sharing his passion for Islamic geometrical design by showing people how to create the patterns for themselves in these public workshops. His work as the Middle East and North Africa region manager for an academic publishing house led him to travel regularly to the Middle East and he used his spare time to compile this book. Broug’s first book (“Islamic Geometric Patterns”) has been published in more than 25 languages, including Persian, Turkish, and Dutch.

Source: Rasa