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British Kids Should Be Forced to Learn about Religious Beliefs

The Council said in a report that it should also be made compulsory for older kids to learn how to enter discussions about more philosophical issues such as ‘does God exist?’ and ‘where did the universe come from?’. This requires primary school children to visit places of worship, such as churches, mosques and synagogues.

The urgent need for re-invigorating religious education comes only a week following an Ofsted report, which found less than half of the schools in England have been able to satisfy religious knowledge of pupils. This is while that the English educational system had made religious education compulsory to teach.

In the absence of an agreed syllabus, religious education becomes a secondary issue as reported by Ofsted, which means local councils introduce the curriculum for the teaching of religious education.

“As soon as children attend primary school they should encounter religions and world views through special people, books times, places and objects and by visiting places of worship, while older children should be taught about religious festivals, religious symbols and morality leading on to some of the more fundamental questions pertaining to faith”, the Council‘s report suggested.

As an example, the report said “pupils could discuss different perspectives on questions about the beginnings of life on Earth, so that they can describe different ways science and religions treat questions of origins".

In secondary school, pupils should "extend and deepen their knowledge and understanding of a range of religions and world views," the Council said.

Source: Press TV