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1,000 women to work in Grand Mosque

Sheikh Abdulrahman Al-Sudais, head of the General Presidency of the Holy Mosques Affairs, has instructed officials to hire 1,000 female guides to help out women visitors at the Grand Mosque.
The Director of Women Guides Department, Sheikh Adel Al-Hamdan, said the presidency has given its nod for the recruitment of 1,000 women who have the required qualifications, both on permanent and temporary basis.
He said the presidency would also hold training courses to prepare the guides to give advice and guidance to women visitors on various aspects.
Al-Hamdan said the women guides will be working in shifts around the clock, offering advice and instructions including the need to wear Hijab in compliance with the Shariah and avoid wearing make-up and cosmetics while visiting the Grand Mosque. Besides, they will ensure that women visitors are in the right queues to avoid mixing with men during prayers, and guiding them to their designated places for prayers.

Source: ABNA