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German Translation of Imam Alis (AS) Mystical Life Published in Frankfurt

A German translation of the book “Imam Ali’s (AS) Mystical Life” was unveiled earlier this month at the International Book Fair in Frankfurt.

The book was translated into the German language in cooperation with the Iranian Cultural Center in the city and published by Avicenna Publications.

Professor Roland Pietsch, Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, is the translator of the book into German.
Ayatollah Abdullah Javadi Amoli is the author of the book, which in six chapters clarifies various aspects of Imam Ali’s (AS) character from a mystical point of view.

Roland Pietsch is a German scholar, writer, translator, and educator who specializes in Islamic philosophy.

Dr. Pietsch has taught philosophy, theology and religious studies at universities in Germany, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Iran.

The German version has been published in 128 pages in Munich. 

Source: ABNA