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Eid Al-Ghadir to Be Celebrated in Germany

The ceremony will be organized in Mainz city with the participation of representatives from about 80 Shia centers of the country. 

It will be addressed by Ayatollah Ramezani, head of the Scholars Board of the Shia Societies Federation in Germany, Mohammad Amer, head of the Federation’s Board of Directors, Sheikh Hussein Leibner and Basem Hamzah. 

The figures actively involved in dissemination of Ahl-ul-Bayt’s (AS) teachings through translating religious books or conducting researches in religious fields will be honored at the ceremony. 

The federation in the only Shia union in Germany which has announced that dissemination of Shia rich culture and introduction of the culture to the world is its main objective. 

The federation also aims to develop relations among Shia centers to better organize such programs to revive religious occasions.

Source: ABNA