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Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Hosts Exhibition of Pages of Quran

Drawing upon the MFA’s rich collection of loose pages from Qurans dating from medieval to modern times, this exhibition showcases 25 examples, illustrating their significance as masterful and sacred works of art and exploring how these objects are understood by individual followers of Islam living in the Boston area today. 

Twenty-four people, from all walks of life, have written labels for this exhibition. These individuals, all Muslims from the Boston area, visited the Museum in the early months of 2013 to meet one another and select a page to write about. 

These beautiful works of Islamic calligraphy made as early as the 8th and as recently as the 20th century, were created in Egypt, Morocco, Iran, and Turkey. 

The diversity of time and place of production is mirrored by the manner in which they are displayed, as the exhibition pairs curatorial interpretation about developments in Islamic art with personal statements by members of Boston’s Islamic communities invited to share their comments and reactions to the pages. 

The exhibition started on July 13, 2013 at E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation Gallery (Gallery 178) and will remain open until February 23, 2014.

source: ABNA