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Germany’s court enforces Muslim girls to swim with boys

 In Leipzig Germany, the highest court of the country has given decision that Muslim girls must be given swimming lessons along with fellow male classmates. 

Even though, the Christian’s Jehovah’s Witness was brought to light, the court nevertheless rejected and said that Muslim girls must get swimming lessons along with male classmates in the same pool.

According to German news agency DPA, 13 year old girl belong to Muslim family of Morocco. She said she won’t wear swimming costume for swimming as she is a Muslim and this is against her religious principles to take swimming lessons with boys with the same.

The girl further said that boys in the hall are in minimal clothes and she would feel ashamed if she wears swimming costume. For this purpose she also requested exemption from swimming classes.

In response, the head judge claimed that in swimming costume only shows face, hands and feet. He further said that learning swimming is ‘according to the principles of Islam’.

There is no objection if boys are wearing lose clothing although minimal one. People wear such clothes on streets in summer season.

The judge rejected the girl’s reservations and said that Germany is a country of diverse religious backgrounds. So no action can be under consideration regarding the matters of the school and if the courts do take notice then everyone would get their reservations regarding the subjects being studied.