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“Divine Words” Course to Be Held at London University

Tajweed, the art of reciting the Quran with articulation is an essential science derived from the Quran that has sadly become something of a lost tradition especially in the UK. Many Muslims were not taught to recite the Quran with the correct rules of Tajweed and thus may alter not only the beauty of Allah’s words, but also their meaning in their recitation. 

Tajweed is divided into two parts; the theoretical rules and the practical application of these rules (oral). This course will cover the theoretical rules of Tajweed. Students will then be able to apply these rules within their recitation insha‘Allah. 

The course will cover: Introduction to Tajweed (i.e. history, famous works written, importance, etc), Rules of Nun Sakinah and Tanween, Rules of Meem Sakinah, Rules Laam Sakinah, Rules of Raa, Rules of Laam (in the name of Allah), Rules of Qalqalah and Rules of Madd. 

Shaykh Hafs Al-Gazzi, the freelance author and reciter of the Quran who has written three books on Tajweed and is currently working his fourth is the instructor of the course.

Source: ABNA