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Quran Reading Competition among Blind to Be Held in Grozny

It will be conducted on 24 August at the Russian Islamic University named after Kunta-Haji Kishiev. 

The organizers of the event are television company "Put’" named after Akhmad-Hadji Kadyrov and the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Awqaf of Kuwait, in the person of the Deputy Minister Dr. Adel Al-Falah. 

The event will bring together representatives of different regions of Russia. 

The purpose of the contest is to support visually impaired people, to give them a chance to feel themselves as full members of society, to help them to gain confidence in their abilities. 

The jury team will consist of well-known theologians such as the counselor of the Head of the Chechen Republic, director of Television and Radio Company "Put’" Adam Shahidov, hafiz from Syria, Sheikh Mahira Al-Munandzhid, well known in the Muslim world as the master of the Quran Ayman Rushdi Suwaid, a representative of the World Organization of Qur'an studying, Ibrahim Sabirov. 

"The competition will be a significant event not only for the participants of the competition, but for the youth too. We are hope that the behavior of the visually impaired believers will push young generation of faithful to the study of the sacred book of Muslims, "- said the deputy chairman of the organizing committee Ramzan Mustaev.