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Grand Ayatollah Makarem: We are concerned about the future of Egypt

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - The Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi in continuation of thematic interpretation of the holy Quran in twelfth day of the Holy month of Ramadhan (21.7.2013) in the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Masumeh gave analysis of the current situation of Egypt.
“We are concerned by Egypt news in these days and we hope that all sit together and decide for the future of Egypt otherwise it would be dangerous for the future of this country” His eminence emphasized.
His eminence counted “disregard to people’s will” and “relying on Salafis and radical Takfiris” as the causes for the fall of this country’s president and added: we feel compassion when we see that this prominent country of Islamic world is affected by turmoil and civil war.
Mentioning Egypt as a country with ancient civilization and one of the most important countries in Islamic world, he emphasized: unfortunately due to several reasons such a civilized country with brilliant scientific record reaches to a point that they have problem in the method of administration.
“The reason for that is unconsidered following of radical Takfiris by the former Egyptian government and as a result they have neglected demands of people” his eminence added.
“For instance you came to power with 51 percent of votes. It does not mean that you forget the others rather all people’s legitimate and reasonable demands should be considered by the government. The consequence of following the radicals is what you saw” his eminence stated.
He remarked: an anti-Shia meeting was held in Egypt and their president gave lecture there. The result was the brutal killing of Sheikh Hassan Shahateh by a group. We have also minorities including Ahlussunah in Islamic republic of Iran but it is impossible to have such incidents for them. In Iran even religious minorities have their own rights and are respected.
Emphasizing the fact that we are really concerned about this prominent country to be affected by turmoil and civil war, the Grand Ayatollah Makarem demanded the parties involved to sit together and form inclusive government considering all reasonable demands of all parties, otherwise they will face an uncertain future.
His eminence stated: We hope that Allah s.w.t to put an end to the presence of villains in Islamic world specially in Egypt and cut disruptive hands which are among Muslims.