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Bahrainis to protest outside UK PM office and Hyde Park

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Bahrainis living in Britain are preparing for a wave of protest actions in time with massive anti-al Khalifa regime demonstrations planned for August 14 in Bahrain.

Bahraini activists say they will first hold a protest rally outside the office of the British Prime Minister and then move to the high profile Hyde Park in central London, Bahraini revolution satellite channel Lulu reported.

The activists will also rally outside the Saudi embassy in London on Monday in protest against Saudi Arabia’s military presence in their country and Saudi forces involvement in the Bahraini regime’s bloody crackdown on revolutionaries.

The Bahraini revolution started on February 14, 2011. Exactly a month later Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates invaded the tiny Persian Gulf state, upon Manama's request, to help the al-Khalifa regime quash the revolution.

Britain has been an active supporter of the al-Khalifa regime over its two years of crackdown on demonstrators despite repeated criticisms by human rights groups.

Last Wednesday, Amnesty International said the declared ban on all protests and gathering in the Bahraini capital on August 14 and threats that “parents could be jailed if their children repeatedly participate in demonstrations is outrageous, and violates international law”.

“Authorities in Bahrain have, for years, abused existing legislation to suppress any form of dissent, but these new measures are taking their disregard for human rights to a completely new level. We fear that these draconian measures will be used in an attempt to legitimize state violence as new protests are being planned for 14 August,” Amnesty added.

The human rights group had earlier on Tuesday blasted British Prime Minister David Cameron for backing the “façade of supposed reform in Bahrain” and had urged him to issue a warning to the Bahraini dictator King Hamad during their meeting in London.

Cameron, however, repeated his old rhetoric during the meeting and his office simply said “Cameron reiterated Britain’s support for ongoing political reform in Bahrain”.