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Friday Night THOUGHT FORUM: “Children's Rights in Islam”

TOPIC OF THE WEEK (23/08/2013):


“Children’s Rights in Islam”

By: Seyyed Mohammad Razavi

(if Seyyed Razavi travels then Sheikh Haneef would cover the same subject)



·         Start @7:00PM with refreshments (at Library)

·         7:15 PM SHARP, Short talk 20 mins

·         7:35 PM Discussion conducted by the chair (40 mins)

·         20:22 PM Prayers

·         9:30 PM Leave the hall

[10PM Islamic Centre doors will be closed]


The Forum Rules:

1.       Should be able to converse freely, but should practice tolerance and be respectful towards the others.

2.       The programme talk may be recorded but the conversations will not.


The Points:

·         We encourage the participants to deliver a talk on their chosen subject.

·         If you wish to deliver a talk, please send us your written material in 400 to 800 words (to

·         If you wish to be added in our email and mobile database or even postal mailing list, please fill in the form.  

·         You could also take part in running the forum by chairing the forum as well as helping to host the forum. If interested please let the chair know and give your details (name, email and mobile number).

·         Please encourage your friends to take part in the Forum, including Sunni friends, Shi’a or non-Muslim.