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Egyptian Muslim, Christians have Unity Iftar in London

Some prominent religious and political figures from Egypt and UK attended the ceremony that was held by Egyptian Coptic Christians to stress the unity among different religions in Egypt. 

Muslim and Christian participants in this unity iftar highlighted the importance of avoiding disagreements and maintaining national unity among Egyptians across the world. 

Antonios Sabet, an Egyptian Christian cleric, in this ceremony said,” Egyptians from any faith congratulate each other in different religious ceremonies.” and referred to the Christians marking the month of Ramadan and attending iftar ceremonies with Muslims. 

Hisham Khalil, Egyptian Consulate in London, hailed the commitment of Egyptian Coptic Christians in London to national unity and noted;” Egyptians have recorded the most beautiful moments of unity in their different religious ceremonies.” 

Islamic month of Ramadan has brought another opportunity for the Muslim world to share moments of solidarity with other religions. 

People in Egypt also plan to hold mass iftar in Tahrir Square to stress their national solidarity.