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Over thousand Uzbek pilgrims to visit Islamic holy places during Umrah Ramadan 2013 season

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Some 1,183 pilgrims from Uzbekistan to visit Islamic holy places during the Umrah Ramadan 2013 season from July 18 to August 10, 2013, the press service of Uzbekistan's Religious Affairs Committee reported on Thursday.

According to the committee, a group of pilgrims from Uzbekistan will be in Medina, where they will visit the mosque of the Prophet Muhammad, his tomb and other historical sights.

Then the pilgrims will arrive in Mecca, where the major pilgrimage - the Umrah will be performed.

According to the committee, rooms were booked in the hotels of Mecca and Medina cities, which are located in the immediate vicinity of the holy places. Also, a working group including doctors and cooks will be sent to the place of residence of the Uzbek pilgrims

The employees of the Committee for Religious Affairs, Directorate of Muslims of Uzbekistan and other ministries and agencies will be involved in the process of sending and meeting pilgrims.

Meeting and accompanying the groups of pilgrims at the airport in Jeddah will be carried out under the leadership of the attaché for Hajj and Umrah at the Consulate-General of Uzbekistan Republic.

About 5,000 Uzbek pilgrims will visit Islamic holy places during the Umrah in 2013. As of today, more than 2,200 religious organizations of 16 confessions have been registered in the country. Over 90 percent of these are Muslim organizations, 88 percent of the population consider themselves to be followers of Islam.