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Iranian researchers develop non-medical method to treat children with ADHD

Iranian scientists at Tehran University have designed a software for children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) which is able to boost their auditory attention.

Afiyeh Sareli, an MS student in Physical education, has designed and presented the method in the form of software, increasing the efficiency and accessibility of the method.

"These children are suffering hyperactivity and attention deficit simultaneously and this issue weakens their skills for learning," Sarli told ISNA.

The system can be easily used by parents and occupational therapists by giving a cell phone to these children and asking them to do their homework.

The process has been conducted on 10 children about 8-12 years in 10 one-hour sessions and showed the auditory skills of the children were on the rise, encouraging the parents and occupational therapists to use the software.

The software designed based Attention Process Training (APT) and was devised based on nerve-cognition theory. The theory argues that it is possible to strengthen attention skills through stimulation process.