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Egypt shocked by brutal killings of several Shia Muslims

 An angry mob killed four Egyptian Shias in the town of Abu Muslam, close to the capital Cairo on Sunday. Horrifying images and videos have surfaced on the internet showing an angry mob of several hundred outside a prominent Shia Shiekh's house. The mob then proceeded to throw molotov cocktails onto the house before brutally beating to death the Sheikh and 3 of his companions.

Eye-witnesses from the area say that Salafi sheikhs have been inciting hate against Shia Muslims for weeks. The Salafi Sheiks also led the mob during the attack falsely accusing Shias of spreading debauchery among the community.

Egypt’s president Mohammed Morsi and the Prime Minister Hesham Qandil have issued statements strongly condemning the attacks. They say the attack is inconsistent with the tolerant nature of Egyptians and the perpetrators will be brought to justice.

National Salvation Front Mohammed El Baradie posted on his twitter account that the "Slaughter of four Egyptian Shias is "the abhorrent result of sanctioned religious intolerance" making reference to a Salafi rhetoric that has been spreading in the region inciting against Shias.

The attacks also come a week following a rally where prominent Salafi Clerics insulted and incited hatred against Shias, The rally was attended by the Egyptian President himself drawing much criticism for allowing the comments to be made in his presence.

The Families of the victims say that a deadline has been given to the presidency to bring both the attackers as well as those who incited the violence to justice. They’ve also threatened to take the issue to international courts if their demands are not met. The victims’ families also called for the army to interfere and stop Salafi campaigns against Shias and to provide protection for them.

The horrifying incident that left 4 Egyptian Shias dead after repeated instigation from Salafi preachers has been seen as an alarming signal to the dangers of such hate messages. The incident also reminds politicians that similar incidents could happen in the future if serious and swift action is not taken against instigators of violence. 
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