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Iranˈs election proves religious democracy

Chairman of the Islamic Committee of Russia Heydar Jamal told IRNA in a recent exclusive interview that the June 14 presidential election in Iran also proved that claims made by the West saying Iran elections were non-democratic were baseless.

Western states, led by the US, that had made massive negative propaganda against accuracy of Iranˈs presidential elections before June 14 polls, have no option but to bow to the democratic choice of the Iranian nation,ˈ Jamal said.

On Friday, Iranians made a huge turnout in the 11th presidential election and elected Hassan Rohani as the seventh president of the country.

The Russian analyst regretted that West, particularly the US, would continue its hostile approach towards Iran.

After imposing unilateral sanctions on Iran, West expected Iranians to abandon Islamic establishment, however, they acted right the opposite,ˈ Jamal said.

He referred to Iran as ˈthe most democratic state in the region with an electoral system more advanced than many western states.ˈ