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Russian Muslims Union to provide school hijab models

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - “Islamic female clothes do not contradict to the secular nature of the state institutions such as schools. Moreover, modern designers can develop a form for girls, which would be arranged for representatives of all religions and beliefs”, the chairman of the Russian Muslimas Union, Naila Ziganshina said.

According to her, the headscarf of Muslim women conforms to the cultural and religious traditions of multiethnic Russian society and cannot be banned as unacceptable form of clothing for school students. It is not contrary to the secular nature of the education of our children.

"Fashion designers can create many beautiful and comfortable models which would not insult anyone and at the same time comply with our guidelines to Muslim girls and would not be ostracized at school", - ITAR-TASS news agency quotes Naila Zinganshina. Also, social activist said that the lack of such "Islamic" school uniform has already led to conflicts between students and school authorities in the regions where Muslim traditions are strong. "Our organization faced with such problems, particularly in Tatarstan. We had to seek an assistance of the local Muslim Board and the Public Chamber for it’s peaceful solution,"-she said.

The chairman of the Muslimas Union said that the organization pays special attention to the development of the models of school uniform, some of them can be seen at the Moscow exhibition "Halal Expo 2013".