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UK counter-terrorism police probe mosque fire

British counter-terrorism police have started investigations into a fire, blamed on far-right British groups, that razed a Somali Islamic center in London.
The investigations follow the discovery of far-right anti-Islam graffiti reading “EDL” (English Defense League) at the scene of the blaze. 
In the early hours on Wednesday, police and firefighters were called to a serious fire at the Somali Bravanese Welfare Association in north London. 
The Metropolitan Police has announced that the investigations have been handed to the counter-terrorism department following the graffiti find. 
"Graffiti reading EDL has been found on the building. Police are investigating any potential connection between the graffiti and the fire,” the force said. 
Several British mosques have been attacked since a soldier was killed by alleged Muslims in London last month. 
Far-right groups have also exploited the situation to intensify their hate-preaching in the form of anti-Islam rallies.