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Imam Hussein (AS) Int’l Conference Planned in Lahore

The city of Lahore, Pakistan, will host an international conference named “Imam Hussein (AS)” on June 15-16.

According to Buratha news agency, the Minhaj-ul-Hussein center of Pakistan is organizing the international event.

It will be held on the occasion of Imam Hussein’s (AS) birth anniversary with the aim of introducing the “Great Encyclopedia of Imam Hussein (AS)”.

The encyclopedia is being compiled by Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammad Sadeq Karbasi, an Iraq-born Faqih (jurisprudent) and scholar who lives in London.

Head of Minhaj-ul-Hussein center Allameh Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Akbar said the international conference with be the first in Pakistan about the third Imam (AS).

He said it will be held for two days in three languages, English, Arabic and Urdu. He added that scientific, political, religious and academic figures from different Islamic schools of thought have been invited to take part in the conference.

The Al-Husseini Center in London, which has published several volumes of the Great Encyclopedia of Imam Hussein (AS) will also send a number of its scholars including Sheikh Fadhil Al-Khatib, Sheikh Hashim Al-Ghadiri, Walid Al-Bayati, and Nazir Al-Khizriji.

So far 80 volumes of the encyclopedia have been published. It is planned to have 750 volumes upon completion.