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Muslim students offer scholarships to spread true image of Islam in USA

An association of Muslim students in the United States has taken a unique initiative by providing scholarships to students in order to remove prevailing misconceptions about Islam and to spread the real message of Islam which is of love, peace and tolerance.

Islam is the second-most practiced religion across the globe with 1.5 billion followers. Despite that number, Islamophobia still persists in the western countries even at the educational institutes including the campus of University of Washington (UW).

To help dispel stereotypes and spread awareness about the religion, the UW Muslim Students Association (MSA) has established an annual scholarship of $1,000 for two freshmen or transfer students. This is the first-known scholarship developed by an MSA chapter nationwide.

The application essay to the scholarship asks applicants that why they "feel it is important to encourage the Muslim identity within Muslims on campus and [to] dispel stereotypes against Islam.”

The UW MSA seeks to be rid of labels and put an end to discrimination through its meetings, in which the members spread the truth about Islam.

The application essay focuses on the two goals the MSA hopes to achieve. These goals include providing a safe and welcoming community for Muslim students and raising awareness of Islam in the UW and the U-District area.

MSA members believe that by developing a scholarship that addresses the issue of Muslim stereotypes and is available for both Muslims and non-Muslims, they are accomplishing both of their goals.