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English translation of novel on Prophet unveiled at TIBF

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - According to the news headquarters of the 26th Tehran International Book Fair, the English rendition of the book was unveiled in a ceremony arranged in the presence of a number of religion experts and the book’s author and translator. 
Addressing the audience, Ebrahim Hassan Beigi, author of the book, stated that he started writing the book in 2005 following the desecration of the Prophet Mohammad by European cartoonists. 
He further complained about the lack of proper introduction of the Prophet in the world, and asserted that no TV series, books or movies were created prior to the desecration by Moslems of the world. 
He stated that he intended to write the book as a step to the introduction of the Prophet to the people of the world. 
He went on to add that the book has so far been rendered into Turkish, Arabic and Uzbek. The work has also been converted into English for all English speaking readers in the world so that a much wider range of readers will be able to enjoy reading about the Prophet’s life and divine mission. 
He further called on the officials of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization to require all their representatives working in Iran’s cultural offices in the world to have the work published in different countries so that all people of the world will learn about the greatness of the Prophet and no such profanities will be seen against Islamic values anymore. 
“By reading the book, readers will learn about the greatness of the righteous religion of Islam and will no longer allow desecration against it,” he further added. 
Elsewhere in the ceremony, Ghandehari, translator of the book into English, delivered a speech in which she expressed hope that her translation would be able to convey the magnificence of the Prophet to its readers. 
The book is published by Candle and Fog Publishing Company in Iran and is also available at the Amazon and other book selling websites, she stated.