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Veiled Turkish teacher prevented from entering exam hall

Yetisir cited Duran’s headscarf as the reason for his decision, and also said he would write a report against the veiled Muslim teacher and send it to the Open Education Faculty (AOF) center in the city of Eskisehir. There was no apparent dress code for teachers at the educational center in Kayseri. 
The Turkish government’s controversial ban on hijab has outraged Muslim people who constitute over 97 percent of the country’s population.

The move has sparked anger among Turkish citizens, who believe the majority of the population is not allowed to exercise their religious freedoms. 
Turkey’s government has also issued an order banning headscarves for schoolgirls. Parents are allowed to pick their children up while wearing hijab, but children may not wear it unless they are in private religious schools. 
Only about 200,000 girls study at religious schools in Turkey, meaning that the new law forces some seven million girls across the country not to wear hijab at school