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Commemorating Birth Anniversary of Imam Reza (as), 2012

Speaker: Sheikh M S Bahmnapour

Venue: Islamic Centre of England
140 Maida Vale, London W9 1QB. Tel. 020 7604 5500

Date: Sunday, 30th September, 2012
Time: 7:30 PM, at the Library; [Maghrib Prayer 18:56]


Brilliant words o f Imam Raza (A.S)

1. Wisdom
• A person who acts without discretion & wisdom is like a person, who is moving on the wrong track, the faster he moves, the further away he will be from the straight path. (Fiqh ur Reza P.381)
• Next to faith, the most perfect wisdom is to be friendly with people & behave politely with the good as well as the bad ones. (…akhbar ur Reza V2 P.35)
Note: Faith means faith in God his divine guides &Resurrection & the final commandments of God.
• When the wise present wisdom to the unworthy persons it will be destroyed. (BA 78 P 345)
• Wisdom or intellect is friend of every person & ignorance is his foe. (osule kaafi V1 P11)
• Silence is one of the gates of wisdom. (TO –P 523)
• Self cognizance is the highest wisdom. (BA V78 P 352)
• True worship is to think deeply over matters regarding God. Excessive salaat & fasting is not true worship.
Note: if a person prays and fasts excessively but if he is not on the highway that leads to paradise, thinking makes him follow the last & finalized monotheistic religion, therefore thinking is superior to worship. (osule kaafi V2P55)
• Ten Qualities of an intellectual.
1. People expect beneficence from him.
2. People are secure against evil from him.
3. He considers few & little good deeds of others as plentiful.
4. He considers his own numerous good deeds as trifling.
5. He never gets worried of helping the needy.
6. He never gets tired of seeking knowledge throughout his life.
7. He prefers poverty in the highway of God to prosperity without Him.
8. He prefers humiliation before God to honour with God`s enemy.
9. He likes to be unknown rather than renowned & famous.
And the tenth quality as described by the Imam (A.S):
10. He considers every believer (momin) as better and more pious then himself.