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Friday Night Thought Forum

The Friday night programme organized by the Islamic Centre continues to provide an opportunity for discussion and analysis of topics and subjects of people''s choice.
The topics addressed during the last four sessions were as follows:

- Is There a Meaningful Difference Between Shi`a and Sunni?

The audience was asked to ponder on points upon which Shi`a and Sunni agree and also on subjects upon which they differ. The false accusations against Shi`as and Sunnis buried in centuries of history were also critically analysed.
-Marja’iya Global or Regional
This lively session provided the opportunity to discuss regional and global marja’ya from the perspective of the fatawa (religious ruling) they issue which have an effect on the global community. The Role of Maraji, and different views on the topic of Ijtihad (independent reasoning) were other points of the discussion.

Should Muslims integrate into Western society?

The definition of integration, what separates Muslims and Western Society and what are the rulings which we need to lay out in our relationship with Western Society, were some of the points raised in this gathering, where different opinion were expressed on the level of integration that the community should pursue.

-Islam & the Modern World

In this session, the discussion was opened by raising questions such as; Is Islam capable or suitable to deal with the issues of the modern world? Are the rules and customs that Islam introduced, relevant and even reactionary at today’s world or should there be a new approach to Islam. Should it go through a reformation?

Every Forum starts with a 15/20 minutes talk by a scholar who sets the parameters of the discussion after which the audience made up of brothers and sisters is asked to contribute with opinions and questions.

Videos of opening statements can be found in the archive section of the Islamic Centre website. We would appreciate comments and suggestions on topics. You can send your comments to: