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International Conference: the Global Islamic Awakening

Islamic Unity Week
International Conference on:
(Sunday 12 Feb. 2012, Islamic Centre of England)

Today we are going through a sensitive stage. The centres of global arrogance are making their last efforts in their confrontation with the Islamic movement. The efforts and measures of the centres of global arrogance have reached a dead end, and they have lost control.

Today the order of domination is stuck in such a situation in its confrontation with the Islamic movement. It does not have a firm foothold because many of its propaganda techniques - which used to enjoy a strong foundation - have been revealed to the people of the world.

The sweet aroma of this divine phenomenon should be spread all over the world. Nations across the world should understand what their responsibility is. Muslim nations should know what their identity is and where it lies.

The spread of the wave of Islamic Awakening in today`s world is a fact that promises a good future for the Islamic Ummah. Since three decades ago our great Ummah has moved forward steadily, removed obstacles from its path and conquered certain strongholds. The increased complexity of the methods through which the arrogant powers show their enmity and the costly efforts that they make to oppose Islam are also due to these advances. The widespread propaganda to promote fear of Islam, the hasty efforts that it makes to foment discord among Islamic sects and provoke sectarian prejudice, its efforts to make Shia and Sunni appear to be enemies of each other, fomenting discord among Muslim governments, making efforts to exacerbate disagreements and turn them into irremediable enmities and disputes, using intelligence and espionage organizations. These are all frantic and confused reactions to the steady movement and firm progress of the Islamic Ummah towards awakening, dignity and liberation.

Islamic Centre of England has organised this conference in conjunction with AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (a Muslim youth organisation). The conference date coincides with the birth anniversary of the beloved prophet of Islam (as a symbol of unity amongst Muslims); as well as the anniversary for victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

This international conference promises to be a significant event, set to fall on Islamic Unity Week on the theme of the Global Islamic Awakening. It is a topic of paramount connotation given the contemporary changes in our world. The global movements for reform and change have been influenced by many ideologies and theories, however, none more so than Islamic discourse. In this regard, the Islamic Centre of England and the AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM) are proud to present a wide array of thinkers, analysts, journalists and activists to deliver lectures and express their opinions on the Global Islamic Awakening that has engulfed the Middle East and beyond.

The theme for the conference is to address the followings:
• Keynote: Hujjat al-Islam A. Moezi, Director of Islamic Centre of England
• The Concept and Importance of Unity: Dr. Saeed Bahmanpour, Former Principal of Islamic College, UK
• The Downfall of Capitalism: Rise of Global Justice: Shaykh N. Aqtab Siddiqi, Vice Principal of Hijaz College, UK
• The Future of Islamic Awakening: Dr. Kamal El-Helbawy, Islamic Unity Forum, Egypt
• The Need to Modernise Muslim Societies: Ammar Waqqaf, Syrian political analyst
• The Identity of Islamic Awakening: Dr. Rashid bin Issa, Former UNESCO, France
• The Media & Islamic Awakening: Roshan Muhammed Salih, Head of News, Press TV London

• The Role of Palestine In The Islamic Awakening: Lauren Booth, Broadcaster & Journalist
• Western Exploitation In The Middle East: George Galloway, Former British Member of Parliament

Time and date: Sunday, 12th February 2012, start at 12:15, finish by 17:30.
Venue: Islamic Centre of England, 140 Maida Vale, London, W9 1QB; (Main hall).


For the poster and time table updates, please click the link above.