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Lessons on the Occultation

Shaykh Hamid Waqar was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He converted to Islam at the tender age of sixteen. The Shaykh started his Islamic studies in the year 2001 in Beirut. A year later he moved to the Seminaries of Qum and has been studying there since. He has translated several books and has been lecturing across the world. Shaykh Waqar is currently visiting the UK and will be here for a few more weeks.
This three days session will endeavour to provide an overall understanding of one the most important aspect of Islamic belief related to the events at the end of time and the role that Imam Al-Mahdi (atfs) will have. While the concept of the appearance of an individual from Prophet Muhammad (s) descendents, that will bring justice to the world, is found in both Sunni a Shi`a schools of thought, the Shi`a have a very specific understanding of this event based on the traditions passed on to us by the Imams of the Ahl ul Bayt (as).

The lectures are open to all specially youths.
Admission is free however prior registration by e-mail is required.
(Pease send your details by mail to