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Eid Prayer at the Islamic Centre

Hundreds of worshippers attended the Eid ul Fitr prayer at the Islamic Centre of England. Due to the high volume of people the Islamic Centre arranged for two consecutive congregational prayers to be performed on Wednesday 31th of August.
The first prayer which started at 9am had a congregation of more than 800 people and was led by the director of the Islamic Centre Ayatollah Moezzi . Eid prayers consists of two rak`ats (bowing).
In the first rak`at, a person should recite Sura al-Hamd and another Sura, and then say five takbirs (Allahu-Akbar), and after every takbir he should recite qunut (raising of the hands in supplication). After the fifth qunut, he should say another takbir and then perform ruku (bowing) and two sajdah (prostration).
Two short sermons (khutbas) were delivered as part of the Eid prayers by Ayatollah Moezzi to conclude it.