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New educational project presented at the Islamic Centre

The Islamic Centre of England hosted, on the 24th of July, a programme aiming at presenting to the community a new educational project. The project in question is centered on the production of a number of didactic videos on Islam for private use and also for distribution to schools and educational institutions.
The producers hope that the video will contribute to dispel misunderstanding about Islam and Muslims and provide factual and accurate information about Islam. Sister Aliya Jafri Azam who was instrumental for the commencement of this project gave an introduction explaining the various stages of the project and the motivation behind it. She thanked the scholars who took part in the video and expressed hope that the community will support the project. Hujjatul-Islam Dr Shomali and Hujjatul-Islam Ayoub Rashid spoke about the importance of such effort and prayed for further success.
The first DVD titled `The Spirit of Unity`, deals with the importance of unity among Muslims, looking at the commonalities and the differences that make a Muslim believer part of the Ummah (Islamic Community). The DVD is divided in 2 discs one containing `Community resources` (explaining belief and practices, and the other `School resources` with discussion and dialogues. `The Spirit of Unity` DVD can be purchased from the Islamic Centre’s bookshop.