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Silence is not an option towards events in Bahrain

A Statement from Scholars of Collective Islamic Centres in London
To the Scholars of Al-Azhar Mosque:

In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful
(وَإِنِ اسْتَنصَرُوكُم فِي الدِّينِ فَعَلَيْكُمُ النَّصْر)(سورة الانفال:72)
{ If they seek your help in religion, you have to oblige }

We, the undersigned religious scholars, have been deafened by the calls of help from the Bahraini mosques which were destroyed, the cries of women who were subjected to torture in Bahrain’s prisons, and the sighs of the mothers who had lost their sons on the road to justice and freedom. Our religious duty has forced us to write these lines, praying to God Almighty to protect the people of Bahrain from the evils of discord, sectarianism and oppression.

We have followed what had happened to our people in Bahrain after they had risen to call for their legitimate rights, in line with what the Egyptians, Tunisians, Yemenis and others had done. But we were surprised by the repression meted by the government of that country and their unprecedented level of cruelty. In addition to the killing of the demonstrators with live bullets in the streets or with torture in prisons, the authorities, supported by the military forces of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), has passed death sentences on four youths and life imprisonment on three others. Then we heard that 47 of the medical staff were put on trial charged with attempting to bring down the regime with the treatment of the inured. The government went further, implementing policies aiming at uprooting the followers of the Holy Prophet’s progeny from their land. They have demolished over 30 mosques in various places. Their minister of information, Sheikh Fawwaz Al Khalifa, has recently said that those mosques represented less than 10 percent of the intended total destined for demolition. The repressive measures have reached the religious scholars. They have all been subjected to horrific torture and are being held in solitary confinement.

As religious scholars and on the basis of our religious and human duty, we present the following:
1- Justice is the basis of government, without which the ruler forfeits the reason for his existence. The oppression in Bahrain has reached unprecedented levels. Genocide is now implemented fully-fledged, on the basis of sectarian affiliation. We thus appeal to the international bodies, especially the Unite Nations Security Council, the International Criminal Court and the Human Rights Council to do the necessary in order to stop this genocide whose chapters have continued on daily basis. They need to pursue perpetrators of crimes in accordance with the international laws.
2- We appeal to the Arab League that has published a statements in support of the revolting people except the people of Bahrain, to deal justly with all Arab people and their revolutions. The Bahrainis revolution has not committed any violent acts since it was launched on 14th February. The government has not provided hard evidence to prove otherwise. The oppression being meted on the Bahraini people must stop immediately; otherwise the divine fury would befall on all. We appeal to the Islamic Conference Organization to take similar and objective stands, and ignore the sectarian affiliations. They should emphasize the unity of Muslims and challenge any call to fragment them. The United Nations is duty-bound to investigate war crimes and crimes against humanity, many of which have been documented.
3- We call on the concerned international bodies, whether those engaged in human rights or the United Nations, to dispatch fact-finding missions to establish the reality of what had happened in the cases of loss of lives, torture, destruction of mosques or punishment on identity. These missions will remove the myths and establish most of the facts which have been blurred by the official media.
4- We urge the religious institutions; especially the Al Azhar in Egypt and the seminaries in Najaf and Qom to undertake their duty by standing against oppression which has targeted the people of Bahrain. They also need to face up to the sectarianism which is supported by the petro-dollars which aims at keeping the Ummah subjugated to extremism and violence.
5- We call on the ruling family in Bahrain to immediately halt these practices which have been condemned by the human rights bodies worldwide even countries which are friendly with the Al Khlalifa, especially in regards to the demolition of mosques, the killing of the innocents, the torture of the prisoners, the unfair trials and the halting of the much-hated sectarian cleansing.
6- Finally we salute the patience of the people of Bahrain as they face up to the problems, and urge them to seek solace in the worship of God. This will help them achieve their aims.

What is happening in Bahrain is an evil that cannot be condoned. Silence is not an option when facing this evil because that could only lead to the destruction of nations as has had happened in the early history.

Date: 19th May 2011
Signed by:
HIWM Shaikh Zafar Abbas Malek - Majlise Ulamae Shia Europe
HIWM Shaikh Ali Alemi - Islamic Universal Association (London)
HIWM Seyed Mohammad Mosawi - World Ahlul Bayt Islamic League
HIWM Seyed Fazil Milani - Imam Khoei Islamic Centre
HIWM Seyed Saeed Khalkhali- Imam Ali Foundation
HIWM Shaikh Abdolhossein Moezi – Islamic Centre of England