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Muslim Community Is the Most Diverse Community

Muslim community is the most diverse community to accommodate different, nations, tribes, races, colours, languages. Giving credit to the Islamic teachings and values, to be able to address the nature of us human beings. Today, in the so called democratic societies in the western culture, we see clearly the tensions between different people, which are sometimes even encouraged by the politicians for political gains. In the name of democratic values some people can undermine others and take their legal rights and choice away from them and disregarding the human rights. Islam has been able to gather all peoples under a set of values without any racial supremacy, in comparison to the so called democratic societies in the west.

Therefore, Islam is a serious alternative. Nevertheless, within the Muslim community, different people have their own cultures, should they put aside their culture in order to be Islamic or can they keep their culture but adopt it in accordance to the Islamic values. If one sets aside one’s culture completely, they would lose their sense of identity and lost in the wilderness, hence, over taken and can be conquered by others. They would lose their independence and self-determination, and would feel inferior to the others. Islam would not allow such states to occur. Islam would not allow one to oppress others nor would allow you to under-go and accept such a state.

In order to become more familiar with the teachings of Islam in this regard we have asked Sheikh Ahmed Haneef to write an article to elaborate on the subject, entitled “Understanding the Role of Culture in Islam”; ..… [towards the global UTOPIA].

To read the article, please refer to “Living Islam”, the news letter of the Islamic Centre of England, No.67, May 2011; (Click on the icon, on our website).

Communal Relations, Islamic Centre of England