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Celebrating RE - “Muslimmah” Youth Club visits the Centre & RE exhibition

16 members from the `Al-Asr` Muslimmah Youth Club of the Woking mosque come to visit the Islamic Centre of England and the Religious Education exhibition, on Saturday 12th of March, 2011.
The club which is a recent initiative open to all sisters between the ages of 12-25 hopes to provide activities for young sisters to engage within society and learn about their religion and socialize in an Islamic environment.
Staff at the Centre took the group for a guided tour of the Centre, introducing its history and explaining its role within the UK. A visit to the recently opened `Nasim internet caffe`, provided an opportunity to see the many ways in which activities are generated within Muslim organizations designed to attract Muslim youth towards an Islamic environment.
The young sisters also had an opportunity to visit the exhibition at the Centre set up to commemorate the CELEBRATING RELIGIOUS EDUCATION month which was initiated in cooperation with Religious Education Council of England and Wales.
The exhibition attracted the attention of the group specially the live display of the Islamic Iranian calligrapher who wrote the names of the members of the group in a beautiful traditional calligraphy.
The group was addressed by the head of the Islamic Centre of England, Ayatollah Moezi who exhorted the youths to reflect on the importance of being present in Islamic activities. Ayatollah Moezi stressed that time is a precious thing and that should not be wasted but used constrictively for spiritual and material self-improvement. He further described any kind of work that is done conscious of one’s Islamic responsibility as a form of worship.
Ayatollah Moezi also had a Q&A session on various topics at the end of his speech.
The group thanked the organizers and the director of the Centre for having provided such facilities and expressed the desire to be included in the mailing list of the Centre.